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Jan 10, 2018


Town Hall

January 10, 2018


PRESENT:  Chairman William Verbeten, Supervisors Jesse Juedes and Ron Diny, Rick Gerbers, Zoning Admin; Jeanette Roskom, Treasurer, and Donna Martzahl, Clerk.  Also present were Mark Leonard, Travis Coenen, Gary Pahl, Cheri and Vic Hietpas, Linda Tetzlaff, Violet Marrick, Alvin Kraning, Jane Beno, Gary Plonski, Tom Hoffmann, Jean Nohr, Joe DeCleene, Becky & Chris Kafka, Tom & Linda Tucker, Eric Chaet, Robert & Lynn VanderZanden, Karen Brukardt, Nancy & Mark Mueller,  Jacob Geurts, Dave Stubenvoll, Dennis Cashman, Jay Graetz, Mary Ann & Richard Sharkey, Brett & Rebecca Reschke, Debbie & James Fritsch, Brian Roebke, Nick & Nicole Evers, and Edward Byrne.


7:30 p.m.  Meeting called to order by Chairman William Verbeten.


Agenda:  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve agenda as presented.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion carried.


Minutes:  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to dispense with reading of December minutes and to approve minutes as presented to the Board.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Jeanette reports on property tax payments received from Brown County and other December income.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve Treasurer’s Report as presented.     Ayes 3  Nays 0   MC


Vouchers:  Donna presents vouchers 11486 through 11517 (excluding 11511 & 11512 which were voided) plus tax liability for a total of $1,344,602.44.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve vouchers as presented.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion Carried.


Planning Commission:   Planning Commission met on Monday, January 8, 2018, to

1)  Review a CSM for Glen Kuchenbecker on Holly-Mor Rd. parcel W-515 &525-2.  Approved


CSM:  Mark Mueller presents certified survey map for Glen Kuchenbecker –Part of SE1/4 and the NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Sec12, T21N, R20E, Parcel W-515 and W-525-2 on Holly-Mor Road.  Verbeten informs this CSM was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission on January 8, 2018.  After discussion, motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve CSM dated January 1, 2018.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.


Cty Hwy ZZ Reconstruction:  Travis Coenen, Village of Wrightstown Administrator, presents plan from Brown County Public Works for the Cty Hwy ZZ reconstruction and possible bike/hike trail.  The Village has proposed the head of the trail to be in the Village with parking provided for about 30 vehicles.  There would be no cost to the Town for the trail and does not involved any extra land purchase  The trail will be on the property that the County is purchasing for reconstruction of the road. The Village would seek any necessary funding and agree to maintain the trail.  Coenen requests consideration from the Town.  Mark Leonard, Village Representative, comments that the Village would be willing to police the trail if the town would allow.

Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to open this issue to the floor for comments.    Ayes 3    Nays 0    Motion carried.

Comments:  Gary Pahl makes statement; Eric Chaet makes statement; Brett Reschke makes statement; Gary Plonski makes statement; Karen Burkhart makes statement. 

Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to close comments from the floor.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Board discusses issue of trail and wishes to decide in favor of the landowners.  Verbeten reads Resolution 2015-06 adopted on December 9, 2015, Opposing Design and Construction of Proposed Bike Trail Along County Highway ZZ.  Board confirms they will stand on Resolution 2015-06 as previously adopted.


Cooperative Boundary Agreement:  Verbeten informs that Board has been in discussion and negotiations with the Village of Wrightstown on a Cooperative Boundary Agreement and would like public comments at this time.  Motion by Diny and second by Juedes to open discussion to the floor.  Ayes 3     Nays 0   Motion carried. 

Juedes summarizes where the negotiations have led with the Village and feels the Boarder Agreement proposed by the Village is not in the best interests of town residents. 

Gary Pahl makes statement on dissatisfaction of storm water plan of Village.

Travis Coenen indicates main objection was Village Board did not want to provide individual domestic services to Town residents. 

Jacob Geurts makes statement and requests Town protect itself and its residents.

Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to close comments from the floor.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Verbeten informs town is in process of discussing sewer options with the Town of Lawrence and checking into options for future planning to protect the Town of Wrightstown.  Discussion has been had on the possibility of hiring a planning firm to advise the Town Board on options available to protect the boarders.  Motion by Verbeten and second by Diny to contact a planning firm to provide a study on development for the Town of Wrightstown.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.


Assessor Contract:  Mike Denor, Fair Market Assessments, presents a three year contract for 2018, 2019 and 2020, for Town’s approval.   Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve 3 years contact.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion carried.


Tax Collection Agreement:  Jeanette provides Board with background on Brown County Tax Collection Agreement for December 2018 to February 2019.  Brown County will only charge for mailing as they have in the past.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve agreement.  Ayes 3  Nays 0   Motion carried.


Speed Reduction Request:  Request of St. Clare Parish for a speed study on property located at 2218 Day Street, Greenleaf, is presented to the Board.  Donna informs she has been in contact with Rod Hamilton, DOT, who handles these requests.  The WI Department of Transportation will require a request in writing from the municipality prior to conducting such a study.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to request WI DOT to contact speed study at the aforementioned address and also safety reconstruction that may involve installation of turning lanes.

Correspondence:  MFR fees will remain at $2.00

2)  Notice from WI Division of Transportation regarding increase in transportation aide for 2018.

3)  Email from Mary Gulmire, 6810 Bunker Hill Rd., Greenleaf.  Verbeten informs garbage assessment on tax roll is by parcel and cannot be removed unless property is raized.  Clerk to notify.

Other Business:

                Gary Pahl informs of prospective of Guardian Pipeline to install substation between Greenleaf and Wrightstown on Hwy 96.  

                Donna informs of email received from Dan Teaters, Brown County Planning Commission, informing Town they will need to adopt the Amendment to the Brown County Farmland Preservation Plan to allow residents to claim farmland tax credit.  Board schedules public hearing on February 1, 2018, to expedite adoption of the amendment.


9:20 p.m.  Motion by Verbeten and second by Juedes to adjourn.  Motion carried


Respectfully submitted,



Donna Martzahl, Clerk

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