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Feb 14, 2018


February 14, 2018


PRESENT:  Chairman William Verbeten, Supervisor Ron Diny, and Donna Martzahl, Clerk.  Absent were Supervisor Jesse Juedes, Rick Gerbers, Zoning Admin; and Jeanette Roskom, Treasurer.  Also present were Brian Roebke, Jay Graets, Jim Crawford and Eric Chaet.


7:30 p.m.  Meeting called to order by Chairman William Verbeten.


Agenda:  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve agenda as presented.  Ayes 2  Nays 0  Motion carried.


Minutes:  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to dispense with reading of January 10 and February 1 minutes and to approve minutes as presented to the Board.  Ayes 2  Nays 0  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Jeanette report is presented by Donna.  Highlights are property tax payments received from Brown County, first payment of transportation aide, and pass through money from GVFD.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve Treasurer’s Report as presented.     Ayes 2  Nays 0   MC


Invoices:  Donna presents invoices 11518 through 11541 plus tax liability for a total of $1,326,538.44 for approval.  Significant total due to tax payments and Brown County Highway.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve.


Planning Commission met on Monday, February 5, to

1)  Review a request from Pete VanNoie to rezone 44 agres from Ex-Ag to Ag-Res on parcel W-566

2)  Review a revised CSM for Glen Kuchbecker regarding parcel W-515 and W-525-2 to add 25 feet to the west to include the fence line.


CSM Kuchenbecker:  Verbeten informs the Planning Commission unanimously approved the revised CSM as lot line was moved 25 feet to the west to include the fence line, from prior CSM.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve CSM as revised.  Ayes 2  Nays 0  MC


St. Clare Parish:  Rod Hamilton, DOT, has responded to the request for a speed study by St. Clare Parish, 2218 Day Street.  The speed study will be conducted in spring and the Board will receive a follow-up report sometime in June.


CSM Daul:  Verbeten informs that there was not a representative at the Planning Commission Meeting on February 5 to discuss this certified survey map  either.  Motion by Diny and second Verbeten to table matter until a further request is received for review by the parties.


Cty ZZ & Mallard Rd:  Board reviews email exchange between Paul Fontecchio, Highway Commissioner, and Supervisor Juedes regarding the construction of the parapet wall at this intersection.


Holland Comprehensive Plan:  Email from Dan Teaters, Brown County Planning, is shared with the Board.  The Board has nothing to report in their planning issues.


Board of Review will be held on May 22, 6-8p.m.; with Open Book on May 14, 4-6pm; both at Town Hall.



1)   MFR fees remain at $2

2)  Information on Curative Connections, transportation service for seniors & people with disabilities

3)  Shorlenad Permit at 6812 Elmro Rd

4)  Information on Planning and Land Use Series – Bill will refer to Planning Commission.

5)  Notice on Town of Kaukauna update on Comprehensive Plan

6)  Insurance questionnaire – the Board will not be taking bids this year.


Comments:  Verbeten informs that we will be contracting for purchase of additional right of ways for County Line Road bridge.


7:55 p.m.  Motion by Verbeten and second by Diny to adjourn.  Motion carried


Respectfully submitted,



Donna Martzahl

Town Clerk

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