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Apr 11, 2018


April 11, 2018

PRESENT:  Chairman William Verbeten, Supervisors Ron Diny and Jesse Juedes, Rick Gerbers, Zoning Administrator, Treasurer Jeanette Roskom, Clerk Donna Martzahl.  Also present were Ginny Hintz - Schenck Auditor, Jay Graetz, Edward Byrne, Eric Chaet, Gary Pahl, Jane Pahl, Jared Schmidt, Kory Rentmeester, David Bloomer, John McGregor, and Brian Roebke.


7:00 p.m.  Meeting called to order by Chairman William Verbeten. 

Audit Report:  Ginny Hintz, Auditor from Schenck, SC, appears and reviews the contents of the 2017 Town Audit with the Board.  Their reports indicates the town is in good financial condition based on their findings.  There are no issues, concerns, or procedures from the auditor that need to be addressed at this time.

Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to open to floor for questions.  Motion carried.

Eric Chaet questions what account charges would be if town proceeds with incorporation.  Hintz briefly explains they have been involved before with these procedures and what auditor would do, as well as general cost. 

Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to close floor.  Motion carried. 

7:25 p.m.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to adjourn.  Motion carried.


7:35 p.m.  Meeting of Town Board reconvenes.


Agenda:  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve agenda as presented.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Minutes:  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to dispense with reading of March minutes and to approve minutes as presented to the Board.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeanette reports an increase in dog license and building permits in March.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve Treasurer’s Report as presented.     Ayes 3 Nays 0   MC

Invoices:  Donna presents invoices 11574 through 11603 plus tax liability for a total of $67,126.06 for approval.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve treasurer’s report as presented.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Planning Commission met on Monday, April 2, 2018, to:

1) discuss annexation, boundary agreements and incorporation issues and concerns for the town’s development.

2) review a CSM from Wisconsin Public Service on the gas meter station on Highway 96

3) Devin Yoder, Brown County Planning Commission, appeared to discuss the town’s comprehensive plan

Board requests Rick Gerbers discuss with Mary Johnson, the possibility of informing parties when a building permit is issued, that they need to verify weight restrictions with the town before going on town roads with any heavy equipment and/or loaded trucks.  Gerbers will check into this and report back.

CSM:  Kory Rentmeester, WPS representative, and Jared Schmidt, Robert E. Lee, appeared to present the CSM on behalf of Wisconsin Public Service.  The Board had met with the Department of Transportation regarding the permanent driveway off State Highway 96 for access to the station.  Board suggests WPS get access to station from an existing driveway, rather than creating new driveway off Hwy 96.  If WPS is allowed access from Hwy 96, WPS would have to add a restrictive covenant to the CSM regarding the driveway and that it will be changed at the cost of WPS, upon development of that area.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to table approval of CSM for further information. Ayes 3    Nays 0   Motion Carried.

Sanitary District #2:  David Bloomer and John McGregor, Commissioners, appear to report to the Board on status of closing Sanitary District #2.  Bloomer reports they have been in contact with DNR and following discussion the sanitary District will try to implement closure as soon as they can.  The Sanitary District has checked into financing for the costs of closing same and plan to levy amount over several years to residents on their tax bills.  Bloomer questions if they can use the town attorney to verify contents of notices landowners.  Sanitary district will need to notice all landowners on its closing and also provide legal notice for the bidding of the project.  Bloomer requests he be allowed to use the town’s attorney for review of some of the notices.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to accept the report and allow SD#2 to contact Kalny for assistance with closing project notices.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Insurance Coverage:  Board discusses need for theft coverage on tools and lawnmower owned by the Town and Sanitary District.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to have Blanket Tools and Equipment coverage added to the insurance policy.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Comprehensive Study:  Verbeten informs that Devin Yoder, Brown County Planning Commission Planner, appeared on April 2, at the Town’s Planning Commission meeting to discuss progress on the update for the Town’s Comprehensive Study.  This update is required by Statute to occur every 10 years.

Parcel W-943:  Dave Bloomer, owner of Parcel W-927, appears and requests he be allowed to purchase Parcel W-943 to add to his lot.  Board will look into size and value and report back to Mr. Bloomer.

Resolution 2018-02:  Board reviews Resolution 2018-02to grandfather lots on County Highway ZZ as non-conforming lots, according to Town Code, due to reconstruction of County ZZ.  Following discussion by Board, they will only grandfather presently conforming lots that will go to non-conforming due to the reconstruction of County Highway ZZ. Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to adopt Resolution 2018-02 to grandfather lots that are presently conforming lots according to the Town code (over 2 acres); but will become non-conforming (less than 2 acres) due to the reconstruction of Hwy ZZ.  Ayes 3   Nays 0   Motion carried.

Hwy 96/57 Roundabout:  Juedes report he has been in conversation with Chris Blazek, WI DOT representative.  They will mulch grass ring on roundabout as soon as weather allows.


                a)  MFR fees went up to $7/ton

                b)  Donna informed Board about special elections in May and June

                c)  WPS regarding road projects

                d)  letter from Ben Schenkelberg (no comment from Board)


Comments:  Gary Pahl thanks the Board for their time spend on the WPS driveway access on the CSM earlier discussed.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Martzahl,

Town Clerk

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