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Feb 08, 2017

TOWN BOARD                                                                                                                                                                                                   861

February 8, 2017              


PRESENT:  Chairman Bill Verbeten, Supervisor Ron Diny, Treasurer Jeanette Roskom, Clerk Donna Martzahl, and Zoning Admin. Rick Gerbers.    Absent was Supervisor Jesse Juedes.  Also present Noah Geurts, Marlene Geurts, Glen Geurts, Jay Graetz, Dean Wall, John Bressers, Edward Byrne, Steve Zeitler, and Eric Chaet.


7:45 p.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman Verbeten.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve agenda.  MC


Minutes:  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to dispense with the reading of January minutes.  MC 

Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approved January minutes as presented in writing to Board.  MC


Treasurer’s Report:  Jeanette reports the Stadium Tax account will be moved to a regular savings account as interest rate will be better.  Taxes are coming in regularly and transportation aide was received.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve treasurer’s report as presented.  MC


Vouchers:  Donna presents Vouchers #11187-11211 plus tax liability totaling $58,549.11 for payment.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve vouchers.  MC 

Donna presents Actual Budget from 2016 to Board for review and approval, pointing out lack of income in shared revenues and exceeding of expenses in drainage area.    Donna explains these will be covered by the transfer of money from the bridge fund and receipt of TRIP funds for Partridge Circle.  Donna has contacted the Brown County Highway Commission to set up a time to discuss and get the figures for allocated expenses from the bridge fund.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve the 2016 Actual Budget.  MC


ZBA/Planning Commission:  Gerbers reports the Planning Commission met on February 6 to:

1)      Listen to a brief presentation from Aaron Schuette on the process for the Town’s comprehensive plan update.

2)      Review a CSM for 3 acres on Fair Rd for farmland consolidation.

3)      Review a request from Tyler Cornelissen to rezone 2 acres from Ex-Ag to Ag-Res on Meadowlark Rd Parcel W-632-3  Tabled

4)      Review a request from SAC Wireless on behalf of AT&T for conditional use permit to construct a 125 ft monopole tower on W-573 Partridge Rd.  Tabled 

5)      Troy VanRossum had a preliminary CSM and questioned setbacks and demolition of existing house.


CSM:  Steve Zeitler, American Surveyors, present a CSM for Dave and Mark Wiese, part of SE1/4 of NW1/4 of Sec5 T21N R19E, Fair Road, for approval.  Planning Commission had approved this request on February 6.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to approve CSM.  MC


SAC-AT&T TOWER:  Following discussion at the public hearing held earlier tonight. Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to table matter for further direction.  MC


Resolution 2017-01:  Board reviews Citizens Participation Plan for the Town of Wrightstown Comprehensive Plan Update.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to adopt Resolution 2017-01.  MC 

Donna will contact Aaron Schuette, Brown County Planning Commission and Alleluia Lutheran Church to schedule a date for the town wide visioning session.


Bridge Inspection Report:  Bill and Ron reviews the bridge inspection report as presented by the Brown County Highway Commission.  Board notes discrepancies in the report.  Motion by Diny & second by Verbeten to table to March.  MC


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BOR Training:  Bill and Ron will attend the Board of Review Training and receive certification for same prior to the Board of Review hearing in late spring.


Town Insurance:  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to able discussion on insurance quotes to March.  MC


Newsletter:  Board in attendance decides Jesse Juedes will do article for the 2017 newsletter.  The newsletter will include the garbage/recycle schedule and a map of the town with streets indicated.


Municipal Project Agreement:  Bill will follow up with the Paul Fontecchio, Brown County Highway Commission on the importance/impact of this projected agreement.


ISO Ratings:  Bill informs as explained by the meeting with the GVFD, the ISO ratings are based on the state of WI adopting a federal building code, and subsequently the Town adopting an ordinance enforcing the building code.  The Town has requested an extension until April before the new ratings would change.



1)      MFR fees are going up to $13/tn

2)       Board reviews Fox Energy Center National Gas lateral project course & public hearing date – no action


Other Business:

                Donna informs of her intent to appoint Jeanette Roskom as Deputy Town Clerk to act in Donna’s absence.  Board concur in this plan

                Request has been received by a Town Resident to have town’s attorney check into any necessary regulations for abandoned pit on Ct. Hwy PP, ¼ mi north of Hwy 96.  The intent is to have it recorded so any future parties would be aware of this prior to purchase of neighboring land.   Donna will follow up with Atty Kalny.


8:40 p.m.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to adjourn.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Donna Martzahl, Clerk

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