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Dec 13, 2017


December 13, 2017

PRESENT:  Chairman Bill Verbeten, Supervisor Jesse Juedes, Supervisor Ron Diny, Treasurer Jeanette Roskom, Zoning Administrator Rick Gerbers and Clerk Donna Martzahl.    Also present were Ed Byrnes, David Bloomer, and Greg Phillips.

7:30 p.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman Verbeten. 

 Agenda:  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve agenda as presented.  Motion carried.

 Minutes:  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to dispense with reading of all minutes from November, 2017.  Motion carried.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve minutes as presented to the Board.  Motion carried.

 Treasurer’s Report: Roskom presents report.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve report as presented. Motion carried.

 Vouchers:  Clerk presents vouchers #11455 through #11485 plus tax liability for a total of $166,972.35.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to approve vouchers as presented.  Motion carried. 

 Planning Commission:  Rick Gerbers reports Planning Commission met on Monday, December 4, 2017 to discuss a request from Brown County Public Works to allow a variance on parcels that may fall below the minimum lot size requirement due to a purchase of right of way for County Highway ZZ reconstruction.  These lots will be grandfathered in for single family residential lots.

 W-1025 – Gregg Phillips requests to split Parcel W-1025 into two lots to have free standing garage on its own lot.  Following discussion, Board informs that if the lot is split into two lots, the garage would be a nonconforming lot and if it was ever destroyed, they may not be able to build again.

 Sanitary District #2:  David Bloomer, Commissioner, reports the DNR is reissuing the older permit contingent on the Sanitary District working toward its closing.  Bloomer informs they are working on hiring someone to do the work and though the DNR has allowed 5 years to accomplish the closing, the members of the sanitary district hope to accomplish the closing much sooner.

 County Hwy ZZ:  Verbeten informs the Planning Commission has discussed and is recommending the five lots affected by County Highway ZZ reconstruction will be grandfathered in as conforming lots.  They will not need to be granted a variance.  Motion by Diny and second by Verbeten to grandfather lots in as conforming lots as the small lot size is due to the reconstruction of Highway ZZ.  Ayes 2  Nays 0  Abstain 1  Motion carried.

 Cooperative Boundary Agreement:  Verbeten informs there is nothing to report and the Board has decided to table this issue until sometime in January.

 Schenck, S.C.:  Verbeten informs the Town Board is very satisfied with the work done by Schenck.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to continue contract with Schenck, S.C., for purpose of audit and financial consultation.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion Carried.

Resolution 2017-10 Pledging Assets:  Jeanette presents Resolution 2017-10 regarding Greenleaf Wayside Bank pledging assets in excess of FDIC coverage, to cover large tax deposits.  This agreement will be in effect until March 1, 2018.  Motion by Juedes and second by Diny to adopt Resolution 2017-10 as presented.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion carried.


                a)  MFR fees continue at $2.00 per ton

                b)  Notice of public hearing to reissue discharge elimination system to Meadowlark Dairy

                c)  Plan review for Fritsch Equipment

                d)  Plan review for Hilly Haven Golf Course.

8:35 p.m.  Motion by Verbeten and second by Diny to adjourn.  Ayes 3  Nays 0  Motion carried.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Donna Martzahl

Town Clerk





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