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Town Board Meeting
Jun 14, 2017


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Town Board of the Town of Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin, will hold their monthly board meeting in the Town Hall in Greenleaf on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 7:30 p.m., Wrightstown Town Hall, 1527 Day Street, Greenleaf. 

Agendas will be posted at the Town Hall, Greenleaf Wayside Bank, Greenleaf PB Store; Dick’s Family Foods in Wrightstown and also at www.townofwrightstown.org.  Any person wishing to attend whom, because of disability, requires special accommodations, contact the town deputy clerk, at 6317 State Hwy 57, De Pere, WI 54115, (920) 664-3119, by 2 P.M. the Monday prior to the meeting so that arrangements can be made.

The agenda is as follows:    

1)   Roll Call   2) Approve Agenda   3)Approve Minutes  4)Treasurer’s Report   5)Approve vouchers

 6)   Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals Reports

  7)   Review, discuss and possible approval of certified survey map for CSM for Dennis Joyce Part of the NW 1/4 SW 1/4 section 32 Parcel W-660 on Mallard Rd.

  8)  Review, discuss and possible approval of request of Betty Rosin to rezone 2 acres from EX-AG to AG-RES Parcel W-191 on Rosin Road.

  9)  Review, discuss and updates on status of Sanitary District #2

10)  Review, discuss and possible approval of COMBINATION CLASS ‘B’BEER/LIQUORLICENSE to:

            a)  Dale R. Demske, 6007 County Road PP, De Pere, WI, Ronald N. Demske, 2311 School Road, Greenleaf, WI, and Kristin A. Stelzer, 1955 Lasee Rd, De Pere, WI, for Hilly Haven Golf Course, Inc., 5911 County Road PP, De Pere, WI;  Approval of Appointment of Agent

b)  Matthew DeCleene, 6802 Ledgetop Dr., Greenleaf, WI, for Mally’s Spare Time, 1681 Day Street, Greenleaf, WI

            c)  Renee A. Phillips, 1689 Day St, Greenleaf, WI, for Flippers Cove, 1689 Day Street, Greenleaf, WI           

            d)  Kenneth J. Schuster. 2404 Wayside Road, Brillion, WI, for Greenleaf Landscaping, LLC, 6919 County Road PP, Greenleaf WI

            e)  Ricky Lee Woldt, 1705 Day St., Greenleaf, WI, agent For Real Adventures, LLC, for Slammer Inn Again, 1705 Day Street, Greenleaf, WI; Approval of Appointment of Agent

            f)  Timothy G. and Sara M. Abel, 5558 Gold Dust Drive, DePere, WI, for LedgeStone Vineyards, LLC, 6381 State Highway 57, Greenleaf, WI


            Nawaraj Subedi, 3045 Winnipeg St., Menasha, WI, for PNB, LLC, for Greenleaf BP, 6793 St. Hwy 57, Greenleaf, WI; Approval of Appointment of Agent

11)  Review, discuss and possible approval of tobacco license to:

     a)  For Real Adventures, LLC, Ricky Woldt, agent; b)PNB, LLC. d/b/a Greenleaf BP, Nawaraj Subedi, officer

12)  Review, discuss and possible approval of Temporary Class B license to Greenleaf Volunteer Fire Dept

13)  Review, discuss and possible approval of license from 7/01/2016 thru 6/30/2017, to Wisconsin MHP 6, LLC, 110 N.W.2nd St., Cedaredge, Colorado, to operate mobile home park at 6693 State Hwy 57, Greenleaf, WI

14)  Review, discuss and possible approval of license to B.E.S.T. Enterprises for the operation of blasting or mining in the Greenleaf Quarry.

15)  Review, discuss, possible action on Mallard Road bridge and resurfacing of town roads.

16)  Discussion on request of Jim Wierschke, 1176 Meadowlark Road, to replace trailer.

17)  Review, discuss and possible action on closing of streets for Heart Association Fundraising event on Dec 2

18) Correspondence:

            a)  MFR fees –$13/tn   b)  Recycle grant award of $4,607.69  c)  Broadband Extension Grant Program

            d)  Letter to Special Administrator on lawn cutting at 6783Bunker Hill Rd.

 19)   Comments from the Floor – your matter may need to be noticed and addressed at a future meeting.                 

 20)   Adjourn                          

Notice posted this 9th day of June, 2017.

                                                Donna Martzahl, Clerk

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