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Feb 08, 2017





February 3, 2017

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Town Board of the Town of Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin, will hold their monthly board meeting in the Town Hall in Greenleaf on Wednesday, February 8, 2017,7:30 p.m., Wrightstown Town Hall, 1527 Day Street, Greenleaf.

Agendas will be posted at the Town Hall, Greenleaf Wayside Bank, Greenleaf PB Store; Dick’s Family Foods in Wrightstown and also at www.townofwrightstown.org.  Any person wishing to attend whom, because of disability, requires special accommodations, contact the town clerk, at 6578 Ledgetop Drive, Greenleaf, WI 54126, (920) 609-7927, by 2 P.M. the Monday prior to the meeting so that arrangements can be made.

The agenda is as follows:    

  1)   Roll Call             

  2)   Approve Agenda         

3)       Approve Minutes

 4)   Treasurer’s Report           

 5)   Approve vouchers/Outstanding Bills

 6)   Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals

 7)  CSM - for Dave and Mike Wiese, Part of the SE1/4 of the NW 1/4 of sec. 5 T.21 N.-R.19 E. Town of Wrightstown on Fair Rd.

 8)  Review, discuss and possible action on request of SAC Wireless on behalf of AT&T for a conditional use permit to construct a 125’ monopole tower on Parcel W-573 Partridge Rd.

 9)   Review/Action on draft Citizens Participation Plan for the Town of Wrightstown Comprehensive Plan Update.

10)  Review and discuss bridge inspection report prepared by the Brown County Highway Commission.

11)  Board of Review training for 2017 – who will certify?

12)  Town Insurance Policy for 2017-2018.  Do we wish to receive quotes this year.

13)  Articles for town newsletter or any updates to report to residents – needed by 3/01/2017.

14)  Update on Brown County Municipal Project Agreement – Bill to follow up with Paul Fontecchio

15)  Review and discuss ISO rating and direction Town wishes to take.

 16)  Correspondence:

            a)  MFR fees – increasing to $13/tn

            b)  Notice of WPS application for Fox Energy Center National Gas Lateral project.

 17)   Comments from the Floor – your matter may need to be noticed and addressed at a future meeting.                 

 18)   Adjourn

Notice posted on the 3rd day of February, 2017.


Donna Martzahl, Clerk

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