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April 6th 2015 planning commission meeting
Members present were:
Gary Pahl, Al Six,  Bill Verbeten, Ken Boylan, Jake Geurts, Cyril Leick
Not Present Joe DeCleene
First on the agenda were reports
Gary Pahl made the motion to approve the minutes
Ken Boylan seconded.  Approved by all
Second on the agenda:
CSM.  There were no CSM’s
Third on the agenda:
Review changes to the Ag. Preservation Zoning Ord.
Tabled No new info. presented by the Town Lawyer.
Business from the floor.
Bill Verbeten questioned why a permit was not taken out by Mike VanDeHey for a heifer barn.
There was no other business from the floor.
Gary Pahl made the motion to adjourn.  Bill Verbeten second